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The most notable users of C'tan Phase Weapons are the elite Officio Assassinorum Assassins of the Callidus Temple in employ of the Imperial Inquisition . The Deathwatch utilise a similar weapon, known as a Xenophase Blade , an ancient and barely understood artefact weapon who some believe has its origins amongst long-defeated xenos dynasties, though speaking of its history has long been forbidden on pain of excruciation. Whether this type of weapon is one and the same, is not currently known.

Now we have some answers. In June 2017, Marvel Comics will launch Weapons of Mutant Destruction , a crossover between Weapon X , one of the new books launching as part of the X-Men 's ResurrXion, and The Totally Awesome Hulk .

Books Lie - It A WeaponBooks Lie - It A WeaponBooks Lie - It A WeaponBooks Lie - It A Weapon